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Heather _Silverfish_final_postcard


Here we go!

Our first reading is on Sat. May 14th at 2:00 pm in Stratford ON at SpringWorks Indie Arts Festival.

If you’re able to join us to hear this play-in-development, it would be super to see you.

Featuring Lally Cadeau, Kim Horsman and Ngabo Nabea. A super team! I’m absolutely delighted to have this wonderful cast reading the play.

There’s more info on the play here:!swf2016-silver-fish-1/prjrr

If you’d like to book tickets, here’s the link:!mainstage-tickets/c1sa2

Thank you to everyone involved for their support of this play. I’m extremely grateful. It’s been a fantastic experience getting to this point in the process and I’m looking forward to the SpringWorks adventure!